Commercial Cleaning

  • Corporate offices , Airports, Hospitals , Hotels
  • Shopping Malls,  Supermarkets, Hostels,  Restaurants
  • Banks , ATMs and Educational Institutions
  • Sports Clubs and Recreational Clubs
  • Warehouse, Halls and Cinemas Theaters
  • Vacuum cleaning (Sweeping)
Residential Cleaning

  • Cleaning of upholstery, carpets, and curtains among others.
  • House Cleaning , Carpet Cleaning
  • Sofa Cleaning, Bath Room Cleaning
  • Apartments Maintenance
  • Servant Maid Services

Construction Cleaning

  • New building cleaning
  • Portion-wise cleaning
  • Real Estate Property Cleaning
  • Remodelling Constructions
  • Constructions Debris
  • Surface Cleaning, parking & buildings
  • Window Cleaning
  • Removing of stickers and labels
  • Floor cleaning: Marble and tiles cleaning
  • Washing of walls
  • Vacuum cleaning (Sweeping)
Industrial Cleaning

  • Storage tank cleaning and maintenance
  • Non-toxic product removal
  • Turnaround service
  • Oil sump and grit cleaning
  • Sludge removal and cleaning
  • Factory floor and maintenance
  • Cleaning doors, windows and skids
  • Vacuuming services
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • De-greasing services
  • Ventilation cleaning and maintenance

Fumigation and Pest Control

Limah is registered and licensed in Kenya and by the Pest Control Product Board (P.C.P.B) to carry out pest control and fumigation operations. With our experience of handling fumigation and pest control at the largest International Airport in East Africa, the Jomo Kenya

Sanitary Cleaning
  • Provision of Sanitary accessories and toiletries
  • Collection and safe disposal
  • Treatment of sanitary bags

Garbage and Waste Management

  • Collection of waste and safe disposal
  • Supply of biodegradable waste bags
Supply of Bulk Water

  • Domestic clean water supply
  • Commercial clean water supply

Landscaping and Gardening

  • Compound maintenance and ground upkeep, including sweeping ,landscaping and gardening etc.
Other Services

  • Office Messenger Services,
  • Office tea making and serving
  • Manhole Unclogging
  • Provision of casual labour services